POLICRIS, organic crystal that reflects your dreams

POLICRIS is organic crystal that we mold in a semi handcrafted way in our workshop in Blanes, Girona, to shape your dreams.

It consists of multiple strands of 2 to 10 millimeters in diameter, forming a kind of interwoven fabric of crystal structure, transparent to light but that distorts the image and reflects light giving rise to very bright flashes.

Find out more about POLICRIS in "Our Product." 

POLICRIS is suitable for ornamental lamps, fountains, sculptures, lattices, ceilings or walls lit and so many other things as you can imagine because POLICRIS reflects your dreams. 

In the "Applications" section you may discover these possibilities, from lamps like the one in the Gran Casino Costa Brava to the TV set of Buenafuente on La Sexta, through multiple design and decoration solutions to meet the needs of our customers in a unique and handmade way. 

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Dare to dream!